January 29, 2019

2024-03-14 | 23:35:14

"Excellent small town grocery store! I am always amazed at all the items they are able to fit in the store. Their meat is always wonderful and usually fair priced. You can also find some really good deals as well if you hit it right. I also got a prime rib from them this Christmas and it was perfect!"
December 7, 2018

2024-03-14 | 23:35:14

"Great Place to shop"
November 29, 2018

2024-03-14 | 23:35:16

"Nice small town market. The people who work here are very helpful and friendly. They offer competitive prices for not being a major chain store, and have a rather unexpectedly large selection of products."
September 22, 2018

2024-03-14 | 23:35:17

"A great store in our little town of Boulder, MT!! It's perfect for a full grocery list or just for a quick trip! Locally owned, always friendly staff. They have a real meat cutter and pretty sure they get local beef and make their own sausage. They have a pharmacy and a full stock of ice cream!"
June 19, 2018

2024-03-14 | 23:35:18

"The staff is very friendly and I like to support a local store."